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Been MIA

Hey ladies,

I know I have missed lots with me moving and all.. and my internet is broken and I have to wait to get it fixed errrr. Anyways the move went well...

I had an u/s done just before I left and everything went great my EDD is Feb. 19th, and we even heard the baby's heartbeat what a relief especially with the bleeding I was having!!

Morning sickness kicked in so bad, and being completely exhausted all the time, which I didn't have with my other pregnancies. I am on Diclectlin for m/s and so far it is working kinda just like it did last pregnacies... but only when it wants to work.

I hope all of you are doing great, and at least for the weekend I will be able to keep in loop untill I go back to the Island that is.

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I'm so sorry you're so sick! Hopefully that'll go away soon. I'm happy to hear everything is good otherwise though, and welcome back, even if it is only for the weekend!