Birth Buddy Circle!!

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Birth Buddy Circle!!

Alrighty ladies, since we have an uneven amount of us signed up Kristen suggested we just do a birth buddy circle. Isnt she just the greatest? Biggrin

Basically it'll work like so, Example: Lets say there was 3 of us. Person 1 reports to Person 2. Person 2 reports to Person 3. Person three reports to Person 1! Easy peasy! (:

So this is our order:

Person 1:Elin
Person 2: Ashley
Person 3: Kristen
Person 4: Amanda
Person 5: Laura
Person 6: Trina
Person 7: Marcia

Elin > Ashley > Kristen > Amanda > Laura > Trina > Marcia > Elin

Send a PM to your 'person' and discuss which method of communication would work best for you!
If anyone has a problem with this method let me know, we can work something out! (:

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