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Blood work

I got a call from my doctor's office yesterday to tell me that my blood work for my thyroid came back low. I was wondering why my tiredness hadn't really gone away after the first trimester and I've been chilly a lot. Hypothyroidism sucks but at least it's treatable.
Anyway, they've adjusted my medication and it will hopefully help with everything. I also have to get bloodwork done every month instead of every 6 weeks......yay! Lol

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That sucks. I'm sorry. I was super tired well into the second tri and that it was odd but chalked it up to a different pregnancy. Turns out I was really REALLY anemic. Natural Iron pills are now a regular part of my day and I finally have energy back. I hope you get your energy back soon too!

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that stinks. i hope you get to feeling better soon. blah just one more thing to get poked for bummer Sad

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Thats no fun! I hope you get to feeling warmer and less tired really fast!!

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I hope the meds take effect quickly and you start feeling better!

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Glad they got your meds adjusted! Hope you start feeling better.

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I just started taking them last night so I'm hoping to feel the affects by next week?! I hope this stupid cold is gone by then too!! Ugh