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I haven't had much time to post recently and I feel so far behind! I hope all of you ladies are doing great. Things are going well for me, not really a whole lot going on pregnancy wise. Half the time I forget I'm even pg (is that horrible?). I will hopefully be catching up on posts and seeing what everyone is up to soon. Miss you all.

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Welcome back :bigarmhug:

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Glad that your doing so well that you forget! I have that problem sometimes as well although at 17 weeks I'm usually large enough to never be able to forget!

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Welcome back! I'm glad everything is going well with you Smile

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It's good to see you back! I've been missing myself from posting but not reading. I know we are still missing several that have not posted lately I believe. Maybe they are busy right now with school though.

Glad everything and everyone is well on your end Smile Anything new? Baby moving all around? Appointments? u/s's? Haha, lots of questions Smile I have to live through all of you with everything except the movement part since I have not been seen in a while. Any new pics? Lol, there I go with another question.

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Not much new going on. No movement yet Sad on the plus side we were able to hear babys hb with the doppler this past appt. My next u/s will be around sept 12, for my 20 wk. We will remain team green, despite my dh begging me to find out.

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Welcome back!