Daphne Kathleen is here <3

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Daphne Kathleen is here <3

I'll have the nitty gritty stuff for you gals shortly. She is 9lb, 4oz of sweet princessness. Dorothy was in the room and did great. I was surrounded by all my amazing gal pals, one is a photog. I should have amazing pics to share in a few days. Pushing hurt like a ***** because she was posterior. I have a minor rug burn that hurts so bad. Think papercut. Ouch! Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers!

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Yay little Daphne!! I can't wait to hear the full story! (:
I saw pics on fb and she is just too precious congratulations mama!

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Yay! Congrats Mindie and family! WTTW Baby Daphne!!!