Dear Fatigue

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Dear Fatigue

Falling asleep on the couch uncontrollably while the kids are all awake is NOT a good idea.

Anyone else dozing off at not-good times? I swear, if I could, I would drink a Red Bull. And I went to bet at about 10:30 last night. Which is insanely early considering my usual time is like midnight.

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This past week I have snuck out to my car to take a nap during my lunch break TWICE. And when I get home I take another nap for a few hours until my hubby gets home. Then I am ready for bed by 9:30pm.

So yeah, I feel ya with the fatigue.

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I fell asleep in the car on my way to work [hubby was driving since we only have one car]

I usually take a nap as soon as I get home since munchkin will be sleeping also. lol & I am ready for be like right after dinner around 8 but am usually up until 930-10.

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I've been exhausted as well... my oldest asks me when I am sitting on the couch falling asleep.. "Mommy? Are you Exhausted??" I have been trying to get the girls out everyday especially with the nice weather we have been having. Sometimes I am just too tired to want to do anything.

I am really hoping this part of pregnnacy goes away after the first tri. At least you guys know you are not alone with the whole tired thing!!

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It has been crazy, I swear I am more tired this time than last. I could sleep all day. Hoping this doesn't last too much longer, I am going to be working more now that I am done with school.