Dear Morning Sickness

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Dear Morning Sickness

Why do you have to start now? Most people will feel like normal humans soon. Why did you hold off so long?


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Dear Mindie's morning sickness:
You're mean. Please stop being mean and make it the shortest appearance ever- maybe an hour or less.

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Ugh! My nausea has been getting much worse too.

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Yeah, seriously about this nausea... I do not like feeling hungover all the time. Please stop.

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Mindie- Sorry yours got worse. Sad My morning sickness got a lot worse at around 11 weeks but by 13 weeks had calmed back down. I'm 14 weeks today and still dealing with bouts of it though. Sad

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Ugh, sorry you're dealing with it, and for it to just now be coming on is a pain! Mine is still in and out (luckily it's finally more out than in, lol!), but it still likes to remind me who's boss every now and again.

Here's hoping you just have to deal with it for only a few days! :goodluck:

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Sorry Mindie that just sucks!!!! I hope it goes away very quickly!!

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Eek! M/S is awful. I hope yours goes away fast! Mine is gone for the most part but for a while I thought it was NEVER going to end!

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At least I know I am not the only one. Mine just started two weeks ago. It was much earlier to rear it's hideous head in all 3 previous pregnancies. Here's hoping it goes away as quick as it appeared.