dietician, doc and l&d...

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dietician, doc and l&d...

First of all everything is fine, phew! had a super busy day and baby was VERY inactive compared to what has been normal for us, def. not getting 10 movements within an hr or so but also didn't really have time to lay down and shoot some juice to see if he would get a move on. By 2:00 (end of my dietician appt) he was still very, very quiet. Since I was across the street from my doc I dropped in and had his hr checked, it was strong but she wanted me to go have and NST and fluid check. Got over to l&d, hooked up and he had a perfect 20min strip and everything on the u/s looks fine. Apparently he just wanted to have a quiet day! stinker, made me totally cry at my doc, when she asked me to explain what was going on I could barely talk i was trying to control my tears! glad they are used to hormonal crazy preggos lol!

On another note, had to meet with a dietician b/c my last two appts I have had glucose in my urine (a pretty sig. amount I guess) fundal height is measuring right on, so not worried about 'big baby' or anything. The appt was really informative and helped me come up with a really good plan to moderate and spread out my carb intake so it's better for me and baby.

Here's to hoping nothing else even remotely 'eventful' happens for a few more months!

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Im glad you an LO are okay!! These Feb babes like to scare mommy dont they?! Little stinkers! We may have to change our names from Love Bugs to Stinker Bugs! Blum 3

I hope your new meal plan helps with the sugar in the urine, and Im glad there is no "big baby" cards being thrown about. Biggrin

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Glad it all turned out okay and you got to peek at your LO for peace of mind!
I'll cross my fingers for a really boring next 2 months for you Smile