Doc apt on tue

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Doc apt on tue

I wasn't able to post since I worked night shift 3 days back to back, which I hate. I had my OB apt on tue aug 23, which was soo cool since it happens to be my mothers birthday. My sister and mother came along. Everything went very well. I was sooooo HAPPY to have only gained 1 pound since I am starting to look like the great pumpkin. I went ahead with the genetic testing even though I would never get rid of my baby. She listened to the baby with their doppler and heart sounded great, hb was 147. The only bad news was that she thinks I am having bladder spasms which nothing but giving birth helps. No UIT though which is what I thought it was all this time. The gender scan will be sept 14th and I can't wait. I bought two baby cards to bring to the scan so the tech can write down and seal each though. I am then sending off hubbys so we can open them together and both be suprised about the sex of the baby since he's away.

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Christina- glad to see you back! I'm happy your appointment went well overall. I LOOOOOVE how you're doing the gender reveal with your hubby- what a geat idea!!!! I bet Sept. 14th will come up quick! I hope your bladder cooperates Sad

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I love your idea for revealing the gender. Such a great way to include your DH! Very sweet

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sorry about the bladder issues, that stinks! how cute to do the gender reveal!!!

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Dam sorry about the bladder issues hun hopefully the birth will resolve it Smile And I totally agree I love your way of revealing the Gender Smile

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Awe, sounds like an awesome appt! Cant wait to hear the results of your gender scan! I wish I could know mine! He he. Smile

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awww so sorry (HUGS) That was such a sweet idea and time is flying by so it will be here before you know it.