Don't mind if I....

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Don't mind if I....

join?! I got my BFP in May thinking I was already 5 weeks along, but apparently my calculations are wrong. Here I am thinking I am 8 weeks and my ultrasound the other day puts me at 6 weeks. So now my EDD went from 1/18 to 1/31. Well, with DS he was late so I very well could have a February baby!!! SO allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Erin, I'm 25. DF and I have been together for 3 years in July. We have an amazing son, Ethan who will be 2 next Sunday ON father's day. We plan on telling family at his birthday party where he is going to open up a present with a t-shirt inside that says "I'm going to be a big brother!" SO EXCITED!

I am still apprehensive to change my tickers and everything until I have confirmation from my OB about the due date change. (Other ultrasound was done in the ER, different story, but all is well, SAW A HEARTBEAT!) SO if you don't mind, I'd like to stick around and get to know you ladies!!

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Hi Erin
Lovely to meet you and congrats!!!

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Welcome Erin! How weird about the EDD crazyness!

My daughter turned 2 on Mothers day (: How cute daddy and son days! haha.
Whats even crazier me and DF's three years is in July as well!

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Ashley- And it looks like we have a close EDD!

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We'll have been married 3 years in July- kinda funny!

CONGRATS! A little stressful to be changing due dates I'm sure, but its nice to meet another maybe February mama! I think that'll be so fun for him to open a big brother shirt as a gift- great idea!