Double Digits

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Double Digits


I hit double digits in my countdown to baby!!! Yahoo

99 days?!

How on earth is that possible!?

a little rundown of my current count downs:

26 days-Thanksgiving
57 days-Christmas
64 days-New Years
99 days-Guess Date for Rowan
192 days-Kaylees 3rd Birthday
246 days-1 year Wedding Anni

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I love being due close to the holidays- it goes so fast and its such a great time of year!

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I am so jealous of you girls! I still have forever until I hit the double digits (at least that is how it feels!) I do agree that having kids close to the holidays makes it go by super fast!

ETA: I was sitting here trying to figure out how in the world I still have 122 days left when I am due the 15th then I remebered I choose a ticker that went to 42 weeks instead of 40 Smile I trying to prepare myself for going overdue and being ok with it Smile

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wahooo! i get to join you tomorrow :)!!!

I love that I'm preggo through the busier part of our year

2days halloween
22days til ds2 bday (one party in 23 days and another in 25days)
26till T-giving
57 till Christmas (with shopping in Decembery YAY)
64/68/80 days Till SIL, Niece1 and then Niece2's bdays which we will do some sort of party for
93days Till SIL's edd for our new niece or nephew
100 days till My edd WAHOO, it's going to go so fast! esp since come the first week of January I'll be down to weekly appts yay!