Dr appt today :)

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Dr appt today :)

I will start by saying just how glad I am that I'm part time. It is so much easier to schedule every 2 week appointments this way. Anyhow, the details. BP is slightly higher, but not enough to start meds yet(yay!). Up 1.5 lbs in last 2 weeks which is well within my goal. But the best news is that due to the BP thing we get an extra ultrasound at 34 weeks. She wants to check growth and fluid levels since both can be goofed up by the elevated BP. (140/84 now- base for me is 126/78 so its up but not scary high).

On a lighter note, I told her about the thread I found on the What to Expect board that I found lauding the hospital, herself, and one if her partners. She said she, too, lurks the various boards to see what kind of advice (good or bad) is being passed around. As odd as it sounds, it is kind of comforting to hear, since she has already proven that she listens to her patients and makes decisions with our input rather than dictating and expecting us to leap right into what ever she says.

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Glad your appointment went well! And yay for an extra peak at the LO (: I hope your BP stays in a safe spot so you dont have to start meds!

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hope your bp stays down and you don't have to take meds!

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Your doctor sounds really great! I'm glad all is well!