EDD and Gender guess!

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EDD and Gender guess!

Post your EDD and gender guess here!

gracie720: 2/1 :sleepygirl:
hopinfor1again: 2/1 :sleepygirl:
RonanTheBarbarian: 2/2, :sleepyboy:
eg4cg: 2/5: 1 :sleepyboy:, 1 :sleepygirl:
xMyLovelyLadyBumpx: 2/6, :sleepygirl:
ourfirstblessing: 2/6 :sleepyboy:
schillil: 2/11 :sleepygirl:
emansmom: 2/15, :sleepygirl:
verdouxkai: 2/17 :sleepyboy:
Broodymama: 2/19, :sleepyboy:
pankratzc: 2/20 :sleepygirl:
always_1111: 2/21, :sleepyboy:
Sillyava: 2/21 :sleepygirl:
TyrantOfTheWeek: 2/22, :sleepyboy:
stressedoutgirl: 2/27: 2:sleepygirl:
MomtoQTs: 2/27 mom guess: :sleepygirl: dad guess: :sleepyboy:
mumto4butwant1more 2/28 :sleepygirl:

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EDD: Feb 11

I'm getting a boy vibe.

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EDD 2/15
Gender Guess: GIRL

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2/2/12 I'm thinking it'll be another boy- but we'll wait to find out until its born

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EDD is February 17th...it's so weird, but I'm starting to think boy!

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EDD Feb 5th .... although I am assuming they will come early!

I am guessing one boy and one girl!

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EDD: Feb 11, Scheduled C section sometime the week before
Gender vibe: hoping boy, but have a funny feeling its a girl

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EDD: Feb 2 or 3 depending on what the OB say's monday. RE doctor said 2nd.
I'm hoping it's a girl!!!

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EDD: 02/27

And I would love a boy and a girl.
However I am getting a girl/girl vibe so that is my guess!

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EDD: 2/21

Every time I look at the picture of my bean I see a boy.

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EDD: 2/6

Thinking Blue! But we will be happy with either (:

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EDD Feb 1st
Guess Girl

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EDD: 2/21

Thinking Girl! (Hope its not wishful thinking)

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EDD Feb 28th

Thinking Girl but would like Blue Smile

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EDD: 02/27

My guess is girl and DH's guess is boy....he's usually right!

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"cindydean89" wrote:

I would love a boy and a girl also.

When is your EDD and which gender do you think you got brewing in there?

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Changing my guess to girl!!

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edd feb 6th guessing/thinking boy Smile

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EDD February 20

Hopefully a girl.. thinking it will be because I'm very emotional and wasn't the first time around with my son at all