feels like it's flying...

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feels like it's flying...

we were gone for almost a week and i had to come home and check my ticker b/c i couldn't remember if i was almost 16wks or almost 17, i was rather excited to see it's almost 17 weeks! not sure when that happened but how exciting. we'll get to find out the gender in just a few weeks!!!

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I wish I could forget lol I count everyday lol. But hey yay for being almost 17wks not long now til you find out Smile exciting.

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I know the feeling- its going by SO fast! YAY for the upcoming ultrasound!

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Sometimes it goes by super fast and other days it seems to be dragging on lol

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Slowest. Thing. Ever. In. My. Life.

And now that I am in the second trimester, I stopped feeling as sick so I don't feel pregnant either. I just want to start feeling the bean kick!

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It's going pretty fast for me too.

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It does seem like it's flying by but for me it can't be fast enough Smile I can not wait to meet my lil man Smile He is my world and doesn't even know it yet Smile