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My bf FINALLY felt the baby kick me 4 times in a row yesterday.. it only took 22 weeks, but he actually did feel it. I have been feeling the baby for months now, but no one else could. This baby is laying so low and hurting me. My girls weren't as low as this baby, and sometimes I get pain down in my pelvic area which isn't pleasant at all. I had the same pain in my higher weeks when I was pregnant with Brookelyn, but nothing this early. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I am finally starting to feel Daphne kicking at all. Anterior placenta.

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I have had that my last 2 pregnancies.. when I was pregnant with Brookelyn I literally had to poke and prod at her to get her to move. I was so paranoid that something was wrong the whole time with my pregnancy. I am glad that I can actually feel this baby kick me everyday even though my placenta is in front yet again.

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I think my placenta has moved up a bit because I think I have been feeling Bean jabbing around really low in my uterus. I know these feelings I am having aren't gas or hunger pains, but they aren't flutters either. To me, it's how I would imagine an air bubble moving in a water jug to feel like when it hits the top. I haven't really shared this with my hubby because the one time I did he tried to feel it, but couldn't. So I am calling this mama/daughter time. Smile

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cool :). dh has felt colin a few times but not much yet

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Always a great moment for DH's to be able to join in the fun and excitment of the kicks.. My baby is very low too and I always feel a little pressure and pain down low... HERE's to our babies moving up soon Smile

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My little boy is really low too. His favorite trick is to push on this one spot really low on my abdomen and it does not feel good! He did it one day when I was with my sister (who has had 3 babies) and she felt him do it and pushed back and he moved. I know it sounds silly, but I didn't realize I could do that. I have started pushing him up when he gets too low and it really helps. They should tell you these things in the pregnancy books!