Finally buying a few things....

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Finally buying a few things....

Well I am still a worry wart but I have been buying a few things lately for the baby. Found a really big rear seat mirror that was on sale for 5 bucks. It's a real mirror, not the fake kind. Also a couple of oneies that are unisex. I actually checked out "once a child" and found a book on making baby food, and a breastfeeding cover up which is brand new in package. Anyone else getting anything lately?

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Isn't baby shopping so fun!?!!!!! It is hard to not buy everything!! Sounds like you found some good things! I have only bought a little unisex sleeper. I also have 3 brand new baby boy sleepers and will get a couple girl ones too. We are waiting until delivery to find out so I like to take 1 boy outfit and one girl outfit with us to the birth center. My original plan was to take back whatever one we didn't need but now I just keep them so I can give them as gifts since everyone I know is having babies right now!

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Christina- SCORE on the mirror!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them in the car- Ronan does too!
Marcia- we wait until delivery too- so we do something similar- isn't it fun? I like your idea of keeping the extra outfits and giving them as gifts- smart!

We are making some of the big purchases now so we don't wait until the last minute and need to come up with a bunch of money at once! Today we sold our stroller- we had the Baby Jogger City Mini- honestly LOVED this stroller, but it only works for 2 if the 2nd is old enough to stand up- yeah that isn't happening Wink So, then we ordered the Baby Jogger City Select, and when it gets closer to when we'll need it we'll buy the doubles kit. I'm excited!!!! We found a second video monitor on clearance yesterday because it had been returned- so now we have 2 of those. I'm getting so excited!

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I think our first purchase will be a 5 gal bucket of paint. We still have new build flat paint on our walls and she wants her room to be blue. So we'll paint both kiddos rooms(and probably their bathroom) the same color. I love that she's a slight tomboy. Her bathtoom stuff is frogs and blue matches everything! (She has Princesses, Fairies, Cars, and Thomas stuff.) She has picked out the special things she wants to give "our new kid" though. Blankies(can you put my name on mine with your sewing machine, mommy... yeah Wink ), the blue musical sea horse from Fisher Price (bought one for a friend's shower, and now she has to have it for the baby), and a teething blanket with either Mickey or Minnie, she'll wait till we know what it is for that one.

On the other hand, I'm almost finished knitting a little cream hooded jumper for this one. Liese had no hand made clothes, since I didn't know how to knit or sew well enough when I was pregnant with her. That has changed since I ended up with a girl who wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine dress and a Lightening McQueen dress, not to mention clothes her her dolls. I also found the cutest pattern for baby booties online that I want to try. With our LOs due in Feb and us in WI, I need warmer clothes for home and day care.

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The only thing I've bought is a crib sheet set that was adorable and on sale at Target!

I guess you could say "luckily" when I was pregnant with my blighted ovum back in 2009, DH and I went crazy. He was in sales at the time and got a great commission check that first month. So, we ordered a crib, changing table, and dresser set that we both really liked and was on sale on Unfortunately, they arrived the day after I found out I had a blighted ovum and was going to miscarry. So, they are still new in the box, never been opened, in storage. It will be great to have them now, since DH is no longer in sales and money is pretty tight!