Finally got the beta numbers in!

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Finally got the beta numbers in!

I went in today to do the 2nd beta, so I asked my RE nurse about the first set. Well the first one from tue was 48. Today's number was 182 and my progesterone level is really good too, it was 30. I have to keep doing the "cootie progesterone pills" for 12 weeks:eek: They went ahead and got me for my first ultrasound on June 13 too.

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What awesome news!

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Woot!!!!! Great numbers!!

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Those are amazing numbers! Yay! Biggrin

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WHOOO hOOO Christina!!! When is your EDD?

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YAY!! sooo excited for you!!!! :):):) Maybe its twins?! Smile

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Great Numbers!! Yahoo

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Lookin good!!!!! Biggrin

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The EDD is suppose to be Feb 2. I'm not sure if I would go early or stay in feb but either way I will take whatever this road holds. Bring on the morning sickness!!!

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Those are strong numbers! Yahoo I hear you on the cootie pills, though--icky, aren't they?

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Congrats on those wonderful numbers!!!

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Yep, they aren't the best but I know they are helping me stay preggo. I woke up one night and went to go pee and thought I had already peed my pants cause it leaks out. They were soaking wet (sorry TMI)

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Yay for the great numbers! congrats again!

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Congratulations!! HH9M to you!

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OO Yay Christina!!!

I am sooo excited for you!

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What great numbers!!! Yay!!

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Woo hoo for those great numbers!!

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Whoop!!!! Congratulations!!!

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Thats GREAT!!!! Smile