Finally got my maternity uniform!

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Finally got my maternity uniform!

I know it seems super early to be switching to maternity clothes, but my military uniform is UNCOMFORTABLE. So I figured that the only thing I can do is switch to the maternity option, which I like to call the "tent".

I will post pictures this weekend so you all can see my tent. Haha.

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Can't wait! And it's so not too early. Lol

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Oh my! I can't wait to see it! I bet it's stunning! Wink

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Its not to early! I am already wearing my favorite pair of maternity jeans!
Im sure you will look amazing in your 'tent' lol

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"tent" Lol! I'm already using a rubberband to hold together my pants so I don't think it is too early. :). I didnt need maternity clothes till like 16 weeks with my first, but it got sooner with my second, and even sooner with this one.

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cant wait to see pics! post em soon Smile

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You need to be comfortable! I'm sorry the may uniform looks like a tent. That's definitely not a flattering look

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I cannot wait to see pics!!!! I am sure it is very becoming Smile