Finally home!!

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Finally home!!

All is well here in our little home now that hubby is home. The flight out to AZ went nicely but my pregnant butt had to waddle as fast as I could between flights since the first flight was late getting to the connection. Hubby put me in first class which was wonderful because he choice the seat right beside the front bathroom LOL YEAH! The drive to KS to visit his family was really lovely because I haven't seen the midwest before. We ended up coming home sunday and still driving monday. BUT the best part of everything, besides my hubby being able to feel his daugher kicking and moving inside of me......We got new PCS orders!!! We were driving through the mountains in TN when he got a call telling him that if he hadn't started shipping his Army stuff yet, that there was a change of plans. My hubby got new orders to be PCS'ed to the 82nd Airborne right here at Fort Bragg. So no Korea for a year where he won't be home for the birth and the next 9 months of her life. But that probably means he will be deploying for war but he will be able to leave a few days after her birth and then be home when she's 9 months instead. We are soo thrilled and blessed it's crazy. I don't like the idea of him going to Afghanistan but we will take him being gone for 9 months instead of 12 months instead. Plus, now we are going to get a move on that little important thing that needs to be done....ahh the nursery being done!! Yahoo

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AWESOME news!!! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
Also glad you had a good trip and got to see the midwest Smile
Awesome about him feeling the baby move to!!!!
What a great time you've been having Smile

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Yay, welcome home! Biggrin

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Sounds like a great trip! But I am sure you are happy to be home again. (:

Super duper yay for the news about DH! Thats awesome!

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glad you had a good trip and YAY for new orders. We will all be praying/sending our positive thoughts for you guys while he's deployed. {{{hugs}}}

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YAY for nursery and welcome home Smile