Fires and Anxiety

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Fires and Anxiety

I have been stressing so bad for the past 2 days! I live in Texas and we are having some major problems with fires. I am not in the same part of the state as the big fire near Austin, but we have been having fires in our county like crazy. One of them yesterday was just a few miles from my house and we are still under a Fire Weather Warning.

One of my biggest fears is fire, and this is kicking my anxiety into overdrive. When I was younger, we almost lost our house to a grass fire like these and I have been afraid ever since. The wind should be dying down soon, reducing the risk, but we still don't have any rain in the forecast.

I know stress is not good for the baby, but I am having a really hard time fighting it!

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I'm so sorry Kristy, I'd be nervous too! Hopefully everything will be okay, and I'll be thinking of you!

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I'm sorry. I would be stressed to. We recently had a tornado go through nearby and i was super patanoid. Stay safe.

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I totally understand your anxiety Kristy, I live in East Texas. I love the wind because it's cooling everything down, but other than that the wind has turned into a scary situation!

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That is def a scary position to be in. I hope that things calm down and you can relax a little soon. Sending lots of relaxation vibes your way. Stay safe!

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Sending you safe from fire and rain vibes!

I used to live in AZ, brush and grass fires are scary stuff. Try and keep relaxed mama!