First Appointment and U/S

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First Appointment and U/S

I-m so happy My beautiful little olive!! I am sooo in love! Yahoo

Appointment went wonderfully! Due date was changed to February 6th Which puts me at 9weeks 3days (: Got to hear the heartbeat which is now the current soundtrack of my life since I used my phone to record it and its now my ringtone lol

My blood pressure is already high UGH but they gave me meds and new prenatals. I had my blood drawn again today for more tests. Pap next time around and another u/s at 18 weeks. They are all for my giving birth naturally and already set me up wth the lady who runs the birth center they have at the hospital!

My next appointment is July 26th.

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Yayyy! It's so cute! Glad you had a good appt!!

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AWE so cute!!!! So happy for you!!! So did they say why they sent that letter?

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I love your ultrasound picture!!!! How cute is that? Congrats on a good appointment Smile

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So cute! Yay for a great pic and appt!

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What a great day you had! That was a super ultrasound picture! So glad you had a good appt.

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fabulous idea having the heartbeat be the ringtone for your phone, glad your appt went well Smile

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Unbelievably super ultrasound pic! the baby is actually showing all of of itself to you Smile Congrats and tc abt the high BP.

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Yay.. HaPPy beats Smile too cute that you have it on your phone.. I'll need to try that when I get to FINALLY hear it :-)~

Congrat Congrats! such a cute picture too

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What a great pic! Awesome idea with the ring tone (I may have to steal it ;)).
Did you get to tell them off about the letter?