First Appt & Ultrasound!!!!

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First Appt & Ultrasound!!!!

We had our first appointment and ultrasound today with my RE. I was worried about having an early ultrasound, but they just wanted to make sure that it was okay and that there wasn't more than one in there. Wink

So I want you to meet our baby bean:

It is measuring at 7w1d, so not too far off from what I thought. We heard it's heartbeat and it was perfect. We are so happy.

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Yay!!!!!!!:yahoo: Yay!!!!!!!

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Awww so cute Smile

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what a beautiful little bean!!

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YAY!!!!!!! what a cute little bean Smile

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Aww, so precious!! Biggrin

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AWESOME! Beautiful Smile

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That's great! What a beautiful picture!!

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What a cute bean!! congratulations!!

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awww nothing like seeing your little baby and hearing that heart beating away! Congrats!!

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Cute beanie! Congratulations!!

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Yahoo such a cute little bean!