First real OB appointment...

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First real OB appointment...

So my official EDD is Feb. 11 since I'm a moron and don't know my LMP since my stupid Fertility Friend reverted my chart as if I had never put in any info! *DUH. *Anyway, baby is measuring right on track, my BP is excellent, my weight, not so much. *lol *I'm to have NO SUGAR. *Well, as far as obvious sugar like candy, ice cream, cake, etc... *

The first thing she said after we looked at Newbie was, "Sooooo, you last had a c-section. *Are we going for another c-section or trying for a VBAC?' *I told her VBAC and she said, get this... *'GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL!' *I love my doctor. *She had her own VBA2C so she's totally all for it. *She said as long as this baby isn't pushing 9 pounds and my fluid levels hold up, she said it should be no problem since I'm 'a baby machine'. *Her words. *It's true. *I agreed. *She's really supportive and I'm so dang happy about that. *She said that we'll just keep evaluating. *She knows that I've birthed fairly large babies with zero troubles so I think it'll happen. *Each of my babies have been exactly 4 ounces more than the last so this baby could be around the 8lb, 10 oz mark. *I asked if that would be VBAC-able and she said, 'not a problem'. *The only thing is that I HAVE to go into labor on my own. *No help. *I've never done that before and I know how miserable the last part of pregnancy is for me. *I'm hoping I don't dissolve on the floor begging for a c-section just to end the misery because I KNOW I'll regret that. *

That's the update! *Things are going really well AND my morning sickness seems to be gone! *I still get little waves of green but nothing that sends me to the bathroom! *

Pictures of the baby though there's still not much to see. *The last was a transvag u/s and this one was belly. *;)

ETA: I do not know what all the ***'s are about! lol Maybe cause I copied and pasted? It's weird.

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Yay for a great appointment Smile Very happy to read that you were about to see everything and talk with the doctor in depth.. Good Luck!!


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Yay for a great appointment! It sounds like you have a great doc! Smile

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oh what a cool doc! congrats Smile

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YOU CAN DO IT! The vbac I mean (: When you get the urge to beg for the c/s just come to us and we will whip you back into shape Biggrin