First visit to an L&D

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First visit to an L&D

Well it was an interesting night last night. I hadn't felt my little girl move but once all day. Most of the time, she gets giddy as a june bug when I eat and drink, but she still wasn't moving that I could feel. So I went ahead and went to work last night at the hospital and told my charge nurse right away that I might be heading to L&D if she didn't wake up. Well I only felt her once move for a total of two kicks for the day. So I clocked out and headed down to allowed myself a peace of mind. There was NO way I was going to work 13 hours without feeling my baby move. So I waddled down to 4th floor and they took me back after checking in. I told them my medical history and they hooked me up for the NST. Well thankfully they got her heartbeat right away. They were so sweet and caring to me. They kept me hooked up and watched her for awhile. She was doing fine in there and I finally started to feel her kick hard. I was very relieved to know she was fine. They said I was dehydration and also my uterus. The funny part was that they asked if I was going home and wanted a note for my PCM, and I said no I'm going back to work because I wasn't hurting just sore and we were short staffed. So the discharge nurse walked me back to my floor for discharge. I thought it was funny coming back to work with a nurse escort.

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just went through a week or so ago, too scary! so glad everything is ok and baby girl was just having a quiet day! nice that you work at the hosp and had a 'short trip' to l&d. hope it's the last until baby day :)!

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Im glad.she.was kust having a lazy womb day. I know how nervous just going few hours without a swift kick I get! Hopefully thats your only trip besides delivery day! Little miss better stop scaring momma!

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I'm so glad your story had a happy ending!!! I think better safe than sorry for sure.

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Glad that all is well.. I would of done the same thing Smile