Gentle Reminder: Plz turn off signatures on loss threads

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Gentle Reminder: Plz turn off signatures on loss threads

We truly regret that any of our members may suffer the physical and emotion pain of a loss at any time during their pregnancy. Unfortunately, it does occur for some. Out of respect for your fellow members and to serve as a small gesture of support, we do ask that you please remember to turn OFF your signatures on any pregnancy/infant loss thread. When creating a post using "quick reply" you can *uncheck* the "show your signature" box below where you write your message. If using "Go Advanced" (or when you may have forgotten and wish to go back and edit), you will find you can uncheck the "show your signature" box directly below where your message appears under "Miscellaneous Options".

Please do be aware that hosts and/or Admin may edit to remove signatures from loss threads if needed as we recognize that this is something that can be easily overlooked.

For anyone that does experience a loss - please know you have our heartfelt thoughts and prayers. We have been dealt that blow in our own parenting journey as well and know how vital support can be as a part of finding a healing path. While we hope that no one here ever does have a need, we are grateful for the understanding and resources you will find on our Pregnancy and Infant Loss board. Know it is there and the doors will be open if you need it.