getting a move on!

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getting a move on!

I got my big boys moved over to their bigger room (room is painted, bunk beds are up!) tomorrow I will move in their toys and hanging clothes, then i will have room to repair their dresser. once that is all done and they are OUT of the nursery I will be able to bring in the crib, glider and baby things. then wash newborn-probably 3-6mo clothing and go get more hangers to get it all hung up. i have this huge desire to be mostly done by t-giving...we'll see. I know that i have tons of time just finally have some motivation and want to get a move on! how are you all doing on progress?

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Me? We're just now getting Daniel out of our room. lol. I decorated Daphne's corner. A friend gave me 4 trash bags full of baby stuff that I sorted according to size. I will probably wash it all in January.