getting nervous...

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getting nervous...

my u/s is on tuesday and it just needs to hurry up and get here! i had a dream the other night that baby was a girl and in the dream i was really upset, then i woke up and was upset for being upset in my dream HA...if i'm being honest I (hubs too) want a boy but seriously we will be just as excited for this baby is a girl. it's just different. HURRY UP TUESDAY!!!

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Funny about the dream:) I hope everything goes great on tuesday- I can't wait to hear from you about it!!!

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Darn those baby dreams!
I can't wait to hear your results about this little munchkin! Dh was terrified about having a girl, because he comes from a manly man family and has only been around boys. But once she was here she had him so tightly wrapped her finger it was ridiculous lol (:

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My little sister felt that way about having a boy. We don't have brothers and her first 2 were girls, so when she found out #3 was a boy, she was terrified. Now he is 3 and she loves having a son. You will be happy either way!

I am hoping for a girl (I have 6 boys and only 2 girls) but I know I will be just as happy with a boy. I just can't wait to find out!

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Best of Luck to those momma's with up coming U/S's Wink

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He he. Funny! I have 2 boys, but I want a girl this time. However, I understand the boy thing, it is easier because you already know it. :). My DH wants another boy!