Getting things all offical *Updated*

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Getting things all offical *Updated*

So I found out our local hospital has free pg testig! Which rocks because in order for my insurance ti start covering the pregnancy so I can make a real appointment they need a letter stating I am pregnant there's __babies inside and an edd. Soo when hubs gets off we are going there and hopefully I'll get an us to determine my edd(: woo! Cross your fingers im tired of being in limbo.

I am hospital approved pregnant (: No Ultrasound since the tech wasnt in and the on-call doc was delivering a babe. I pee'd in a cup and got a blood draw. Pee test was positive, blood test will be back Monday but really I have no doubt. They said to call an office on Monday and explain that my insurance will not cover anything until a EDD is determined and she cant go off my LMP since that would make me oh about 4months over due lol and most places will see me since they want my "business" for the long haul. lol So Im calling Monday and hopefully SOMEONE is willing to work with me (:

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Crossing my fingers, can't wait for your update!!!