Gimmie the sour stuff!

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Gimmie the sour stuff!

So ginger gum worked for a bit on my m/s but now not so much.
My new m/s cure, sour candies [sugar free] It works like a dream.
Plus I have been craving sour things like lemon the last week or so. It makes eating every interesting for the family. I made lemon chicken the other night, to me it was WONDERFUL to my hubby it was tart and lip puckering lol Hopefully I go back to my normal cravings soon for hubbys sake.

Anyone else have weird cures for their m/s?

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I think my nausea is finally kicking. (Yes, I said finally. Haha.) But to be honest, I don't really know what it feels like. I am also having a hard time telling the difference between a pregnancy craving and a fat girl craving. Hahaha.

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I have eaten lemons and even a spoon full of sugar during pregnancies before. This time, not so much. This pregnancy is running like my first cravings, nothing but frequent urination and hip/back pain. I am knocking on wood as I post this,lol!

Oh, and lemon chicken (baked) is awesome!!! So is pineapple baked chicken Smile YUM!! Sorry for your DH's tastebuds though. He must be threatening to cook for now at this point,lol!!! Hehe Wink Gotta love those crazy pregnancy cravings.

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Craving sour stuff can also be your body's way of telling you that you need to increase your vitamin c.

My craving has been cheese and eggs.

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I haven't had m/s so bad this time that I've needed to find a cure but I know when I do, it'll be Swedish Fish and those sour gummies. Not terribly healthy but it does the trick! When that stops working, I'm hitting to Zofran hard. lol

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If I get any more Vitamin C I will turn into an orange! I take a chocolate calcium and vit c gummie thing, prenatal, drink 2 fresh OJs a day and have been craving

I still have my milk craving, ugh it makes me sick to think how much I LOVE milk right now lol because normally the very idea of milk, cheese ect made me sick. Now I cant get enough!

Hubby is a HORRIBLE cook so I have a feel he will be having take out a few more times a week lmao! Poor guy.

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Thanks for the tips, I haven't really had m/s except a quick wave now and then. I have dizziness that has been giving me fits.