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Girl Moms

Is your libido totally GONE? When I was pregnant with my boys, I was ready to go 24/7. Just trying to see if my uterine daughter was the only one making me uninterested....

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This has not been an issue with any of my three pg's. I don't know if this is another girl or not, but I think my increased desire is one of the reasons DH likes me being pg. Wink
Hope it picks back up if it's something that bugs you.

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When I was pregnant this was not an issue for me either... I could go all the time, and this pregnancy seems the same for me as well.

Hopefully it gets better for you!!

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With Kay I didnt want it...EVER.

This time around I want it all day, everday lol

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With all 3 of my boys i have absolutely no sex and my poor hubs suffers lol! so for me it's pregnancy not the sex of the baby