going away...

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going away...

well we are off to visit family and do a camping tour of Michigan !!

when we scheduled this month long foray I wasn't pg... now it doesn't sound so appealing...

Camping + dh who has never camped before + one year old + 1 trimester w/twins.... does that sound like a good equation to you.... I hope it goes well Smile at least the long visit with my family will be super great !

See you all in August!! happy healthy baby baking until then Dirol

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That's an awesome long vacation!!! Hopefully the excitement of being on vacation will outweigh any discomforts Smile HAVE FUN!!!

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Take good care and have a wonderful vacation!! Just think the next time you may go camping you'll have 3 little ones to keep an eye on!

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WHOA...brave woman Biggrin sometimes, the distractions of being away and outdoors outweigh pregnancy discomforts! have FUN!!