going to stop lurking...

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going to stop lurking...

Hi ladies, i have been in a bit of limbo since the beginning of this pregnancy bc i had a pretty long cycle so we didn't have and edd. mw wanted to wait a month for an u/s bc she didn't want it to be too early and not see anything and then worry for nothing. I finally got my dating scan on July 15 (the numbers on the screen said 10w4d) I called the clinic to see if they had decided on an edd and never got a call back so i waited until my appt today and FINALLY got my edd of Feb 6th YAY!!!

So, that's why i've been lurking, i posted some on Jan for a little while but then was just waiting until I got a due date. My name is Kristen and I have 2 boys who are 4 and 2.5. Very excited about this baby and everything that will come with having a newborn again! Looking forward to chatting with you ladies through our pregnancies!

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Glad you joined us! I am a Feb/March straddler since my dd is March 1st. I'm glad you came out of lurkdom! HH9M!

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Hi and welcome look forward to getting to know you Smile

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We are due date buddies!!!! Lol
hello and welcome! I'll race you to the finish:P

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Hi and welcome! So glad to have another February mamma on board! Yahoo

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Nice to meet you Kristen, and congrats!!!! I look forward to getting to know you Smile