The good/bad/ugly...Things no one ever told you about pregnanc

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The good/bad/ugly...Things no one ever told you about pregnanc

There are those FTM's here and I thought maybe those who've BTDT could share. I tried to add delivery as well in the title but there was not enough room. Let's share mamas!!

No one ever told me that my areolas would grow massively huge during pregnancy!! At an appointment during my first pregnancy, I was listening to the room full of women talk about how large their areolas were. One says, Mine is as big as a dime!! The next says, Mine are bigger! They are almost the size of a quarter!! And so on. When the ladies turned to me (we were all FTM's mind you...first pregnancies and all) she says, how big are yours now? I am stumped. I have absolutely no clue! I said they are huge and that's all I know. So, when I got home, curiousity got the best of me. I tried the quarter...too small. Ohhh k, I thought "no way", but I tried the 50 cent piece I had in the drawer. Sure enough, they were larger than that 50 cent piece :eek: NOTE: Don't let the women in the waiting room scare you :whippin:

No one ever told me that my skin would itch so bad as it matter how hydrated I am(or lotioned up,lol!).

No one mentioned constipation either. Colace works good for this though. I wish I would have been told years ago I could take something. My how things/years change,lol.

No one told me that sneezing and/or coughing would make me pee a little. So, do yourself a favor when this starts happening...wear a panty liner Wink It tends to catch you off guard and you never know where you'll be when it happens.

Add on ladies Smile

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The mood swings you can get. Doesn't happen all the time, but it could.

When you breastfeed your uterus will contract and you could have really bad cramps that's all normal I guess.

When you stop breastfeeding I suggest you use cabbage leaves to dry you up.. it is less painful that way.

Basically when you are in Labor and Delivery you lose your dignity and pick it up on the way out... be prepared for anything to happen.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I am sure there are more.. I am just having pregnancy brain lol

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This is my first pregnancy so I'm new to all this. I kept hearing a lot of the ladies talk about
constipation, but I was like.. OOh I'm fine. Well it has started to hit me this week. I thought I was giving birth to a baby outa my butt sorry TMI. I have never had this problem. Plus, my breast stay sore. Sometimes it's really bad, where crossing my arms over them is painful.

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No one ever told me

-that lotion will be your new BFF since your skin will ALWAYS be itchy and feel dry.

-my feet would swell up sooo big I would have to buy shoes one & a half size bigger or just live in flip flop/slippers.

-my emotions would swing at a better batter average than many MLB players.

-I would buy new bras about once a month for my ever growing ever achying bbies!

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No one ever told me
That it was humanly possible to drink soooo much water and still be thirsty
That picking up the remote control would turn into a form of entertainment for my siblings
That one little person could change me so much (ok, they told me, I just never really believed it :wink:)

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That standing up suddenly would make me feel like I was about to faint! I was totally taken off guard by that.

That constipation...was so...NOT FUN! Sad

(not that I would expect constipation to be fun or anything)

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Don't forget rolling over in your sleep may cause you to wake up in extreme (and frightening) pain. Most likely its round ligament pulling. And for those of us on round 2? Yeah, it shows up one he** of a lot earlier. That part I didn't know.

Another favorite is the constant questions toward the end. "Haven't you had that baby, YET?" and "Are you okay?" every 5 seconds from well meaning people. What with hormones and stress, it may put you right over the edge...and its normal. Just don't snap at your boss if he is one of the ones asking.

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You may start to resent or become very annoyed by your mate/SO/DH. This is all part of pregnancy hormones, and it's normal.

You may even get to the point of not wanting him to touch you or be too close. This, again, is "normal". It's the pregnancy hormones and this can take a huge toll on some. Oh, it can cause the reverse reactions as well.

You may become overly sensitive to commercials or movies or songs. You may feel like people are staring at you at an over-emotional, irrational freak of nature, this too is normal,lol!

You will notice that people smile a LOT more at you in public places...especially once you are showing.

You will now notice that every woman you pass seems to be pregnant as well,lol Smile

You may burst out crying or hystericly laughing for no reason at private and/or in public.

Your friends may at times become "know-it-alls" about your pregnancy and the do's and don'ts. Even the ones who do not have children of their own yet.

Your MIL or SIL may argue with you about what you will name your baby. They may even present their total disgust with your choice of names (hint: This is why so many couples decide not to share their baby's name before it's born with family and/or friends).

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You may cry after DTD for no reason, then start laughing at yourself uncontrollably with your DH for it

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I am laughing at the " I thought I was giving birth to a baby outa my butt sorry TMI." only because I told my husband "OMG, I think I need reconstructive surgery" That was a BIG SURPRISE! But the one thing no one told me "That I would be so tired and unmotivated and after a two hour nap within five minutes would want to be sleeping/napping again!" Housework has fallen behind! Thankfully DH is trying when he can!

Also that I would have to drink so much water! The doc wants me to drink a gallon a day and I was never a fan of water to begin with!

AND YES! The minute I told people I was pregnant I was bombarded with 'advice'


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no one ever tells you:
-just how extremely different one pregnancy is from another!
-that hemerrhoids dont just show up in the 3rd trimester (ive had that and constipation pretty much from day one! i know tmi)
-that implantation can cause almost as much bleeding as your regular period! (my daughters edd was off by a month because of that)