A good and bad visit

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A good and bad visit

Last friday I had a really good 32 week apt with a very nice OB. He even pulled out a mini ultrasound and took a look at her. He said she was perfect and fluid levels were fine since I was concerned about that. She was still head down, of course lol. He wasn't worried about my sugar even though I didn't pass the stupid sugar test but didn't want to take the 3 hour test so I started taking my own sugar at home and the numbers were fine according to him.

Yesterday, I had an apt with Maternal-Fetal Specialists and he wasn't happy with her growth from last month. She's about 3.2lbs and hasn't grown a lot since the last scan. He's also worried that her stomach is small. He wants me to come in every 2 weeks to get a scan to see if she's growing and make sure there isn't anything going on with her cord or placenta. He also has me coming in TWICE a week for NST. If her growth doesn't continue I guess they will take her early. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to continue to work and make all these apts because I will have no sleep most days. I'm going to try and keep up my positive mood because I think honestly she will just be small at birth. At this rate she will hopefully be over 5lbs. The positive though, they will induce or take her by my due date due to hubby deploying. They won't let me go over my due date yahh.

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I am glad they are taking good care of you and having you come in regularly is a relief that way they can really keep on you LO.

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I'm glad you are optimistic- and I bet you're right! And that's fun to have another U/S anyway I'd say Wink I'm SO glad they'll induce before your DH leaves- that must feel SOOOO good!

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Its nice to see you have a positive outlook! (: Plus getting to see babe extra will be super fun haha. && YAY for hubby getting to be here for the birth! Thats so exciting! Please KUP about everything. (:

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it's great that they are keeping an eye on her and that she'll be here before hubs leaves. hoping she keeps growing like they want and she can bake till her dd Smile