Got new beta numbers today

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Got new beta numbers today

I was able to get in to take a beta on monday after stressing out some from the weekend because I was having pain and then again a little monday morning. I went again this morning for another beta to make sure the numbers are rising and oh boy did they rise. Monday numbers were 4,480:eek: I believe and today's numbers were 6,790:eek:. My RE doctor is pleased with the numbers and said they will see me monday for my ultrasound to finally see my little eggbert.

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That's awesome!

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Now hopefully you'll feel a little more relaxed- AWESOME NEWS!!!

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Oh yay yay yay! Christina I am so happy for you!!! Yahoo

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That's awesome!!!!! I'm so excited for you lady!

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That's great Christina!!!! Smile

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YAY! Great numbers!!!!!

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