Got to see my gummy bear today!

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Got to see my gummy bear today!

So I had my NT scan today. They told me to drink 24-30 oz of water an hour before coming in. Yeah, not a good idea. Nearly wet myself when the tech started the scan. Smile We found our gummy bear quickly. Heart rate was approx 150, but it was quite stubbornly presenting only its bum. No amount of jostling this kid was going to get it to roll over. Then the tech decided that between my nearly overflowing bladder and her pushing through my fluffy belly maybe it couldn't turn as easily so she had me go pee some off (but not all...there's a laugh. stop in mid stream, wipe, and come back. Sure...)

Anyhow, it worked. Next thing we know its in there waving, rolling, doing flips. Finally got it into position, but it jammed a fist in its mouth. Very cute, but since they needed to see the nose bone to assure that it was a genuine measure and not a false pos or neg, not very helpful. It was very funny listening to the tech and I arguing with our gummy bear to get its fingers out of its mouth so we could take a pic. In the end, we did get a couple of decent pics. Measure was 2 (if you're curious, they told me 1.5-3 is considered normal) so that's good. I find out the results of the blood test in 7-10 days, but just from the measurement, there is probably no problem.

Once again, no pictures to post though. Scanner is broken and my camera is in Cleveland with dh and dd. Someday, I will put up a picture thread, if I can figure out how. Oh, and with my dating scan at 8.5 weeks and today at 12.5 weeks I'm exactly on tap with my due date, so the 11th is still holding. Which translates to approx the 8-9th for my c-section. That is unless, this one follows in its big sister's footsteps and shows up 2 weeks early, but that's another story, right?

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Congrats on the good appointment, Laura! The peeing 'some' off part is really hard to, i agree, as is holiding it all in...BTDT Biggrin

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YAYYYY for a great appointment. I am happy that you were able to get the lil one to move around and showing you some moves in the process. Wink very cute.. I can not wait for you to post some pics Smile

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Yay Laura! Yahoo Great job not peeing all over yourself and the table by the way Smile Any gender guesses this early??? I'm happy all of the measurements were right on and the baby was wiggling around for you, what a show off Wink

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wahooo!! That sounds like a great appt! Smile

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Yahoo that's great! glad your LO was cooperative in the end!