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Got something interesting...

Yesterday I went shopping at an outlet mall with my mom and sister. We went into a kitchen outlet store and lo and behold, they had the baby bullet. I already bought a book on making your own baby food so I thought this would be an added bonus. The cool part is that it comes with little containers that you can store the extra baby food. My sister doesn't think I will stick with making my own baby food but I'm gonna try it. It was on sale and I got extra off with showing my military id card.

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cool! i have seen those but i have my own little 'system' that i use. making your own baby food is SOOOO EASY! it's really not hard to stick with. you can make a big batch and freeze them in ice cube trays then when frozen, pop them out and put them in a freezer bag. perfect size for a new eater :). i am sure you will get a lot of use out of it!

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I made all MA's baby food and I'm not the most motivated person in the world. Super easy to do. I used my magic bullet and ice trays and it worked out awesome.

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Cool! I think you'll be able to do it- I hear its not too involved/ time consuming!

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Those things look really cool! Making baby food is SUPER easy! I am sure you will stick with it. It is so much better than buying jar food because you know exactly what is in it and is fresh! We don't really do any purees over here. I just start with soft foods like bananas, avocados and such and just cut them in tiny bits, then I go from there. I find it easier (no spoon-feeding!) and my kids both seemed to love it! Both our awesome eaters now.

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We did both jared and fresh. Kaylee hated fresh green beans but loved the jared same with applesauce. (: she loves fruits and veggies now and will choose peaches over a cookie 75% of the time

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I made both kids baby food. It's so easy if you make big batches! I used a regular Magic Bullet and it worked awesome

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I really can't wait to try this Smile I may just buy the baby bullet but I already have an awesome blender Smile I really do love all the storage cups they give you though Smile