Had my Scan

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Had my Scan

Everything is PERFECT as can be baby growing nicely we even got to see LO in 4D OMG that was amazing to see. We kept our word and didn't find out the sex although I am thinking girl Wink Was so precious to see LO again the 4D pic made baby look very skinny thou but she did warn us that they look really scrawny looking at this age but still was GREAT to be able to get a look at it like that! Baby was very well behaved and she had all she had to do done in no time that's why we had a look 4D Smile

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Ohhh I shall post pic's when I upload to photo bucket Smile

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I can't wait to see photos. I love 4D. Glad your appointment went well!

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Yay for a healthy happy babe!!

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Congrats on a healthy baby!!!

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Congrats on everything going well, and I can't wait until you have the baby to find out what it is!!! YAY team green!:yahoo:

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Congrats on a good appt! Smile

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Yahoo for a good appointment! Can't wait to see PICS! Biggrin

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Sorry being slack here had a shocker of a day yesterday so so tired Sad

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Congrats! Glad all went so well! Smile