Had my Ultrasound today... and.....

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Had my Ultrasound today... and.....

The baby is weighing 11oz approx. The heartbeat was 148, and everything looked good. It drove me crazy knowing I was "that close" from finding out the sex, but they don't tell you over here:( They don't even show you between the legs at all. It is very different for sure. According to the ultrasound my due date showed up Feb. 16th instead of the 19th?? The baby would not go into position for the lady that did my ultrasound, so therefore I need to have another one on Oct. 4th so that they can check the position of the spine. Oh and of course just like I figured my placenta is anterior which totally sucks.. the baby was moving around like crazy, and I could see that he/she was kicking me, but I couldn't feel it:(

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I'm glad that everything looked good with the baby but bummer on not being able to know the gender and bummer on the anterior placenta. Mine is like that too. Sad

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I'm glad it went well. Will your doctor/midwife be able to tell you the gender?

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Sorry they won't tell you the gender! My babe was also 11oz (as of last Friday) and I am also in the anterior placenta club! It sucks!

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Glad things looked good. Sorry about not finding out the gender, I would hate that!

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So, will you find out the gender another time/ place?
Congrats on a healthy baby!:D

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Yes, my bf and I are going to go on Nov. 10th to a place where you pay money to find out the gender.. I don't like surprises lol.. so currosity is killing me and he knows that. Also a few weeks after that we will be getting a 4D ultrasound done as well. The price includes both appointments and a heartbeat teddy bear.

It sucks that not only can I not feel the huge kicks, but he hasn't felt anything yet either:(

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Glad you are able to find out the gender somewhere else.

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Us to I am going crazy not knowing.. but I still have to wait another month and a half basically...