Happy November!

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Happy November!

I noticed the board was a bit dead today, and just wanted to say Happy November everyone! Biggrin

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My baby girl will be 2 on Thursday!! It's amazing how fast they grow.

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Gosh November already! My board stalkings until our board are getting smaller! lol

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I can't believe it is November. Even though I'm behind you guys, I feel like this pregnancy is flying. I guess subsequent pregnancies go by faster it seems!

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Yes it's crazy! November means holidays are near, my birthday is near (the 17th!), my third trimester is near (which blows my mind!), and it's only 1.5 months until DH is done in Abilene and moves back permanently! Biggrin

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WOOT! our air has changed, the leaves are falling. we are having babies THIS SEASON yay! (ok almost since it will be winter when we have babies Lol

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It's very hard to believe that nov is here. I'm already planning Thanksgiving and what I will be cooking. The third trimester is here and it's blowing my mind that she will be here shortly.