Happy one month and other news

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Happy one month and other news

Rowan is one month today!!

He is about 9.8lbs based off our scale at home he was 7 lbs 4oz at birth and 6lbs 13ish oz when we left.

He's starting to smile lots and already rolls over he is getting good at hold his noggin up for brief periods as eel! We are all just so in love. Kaylee simply adores him she is always hugging and kissing.him. she reads to.him its just.too cute.

We have decided we will start ttc number three between 6-12 months. (: we also.just switched to a midwife practice so.I'm really excited about that as well.

I hope you all are doing well! I can't wait to hear about.your babies and births!!

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One month already?! I'm still waiting for my little guy to make his appearance Wink

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GO ROWAN! Seriously- wonder boy Smile We need more pics by the way...
Ummmm YAY about TTC #3!!!!! I may be a little jealous- IF we go for more itll be 3 years or so!