Has anyone else...

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Has anyone else...

lost a little weight? I'm down 6 pounds right now, mostly because I'm eating less. If I eat too much of anything, it threatens to come right back up. MD doesn't care, since I do eat healthy, often, and I'm rather well "padded" (my words, not her's) to begin with. I'm not terribly concerned. With Liese I only gained 20 and it was all in the last week while stuck on bed rest in the hospital with an IV. I literally lost 27 lbs between delivery and peeing off the accumulated water retention from that dratted IV in a span of 3 days. My new OB nearly fell out of her chair when I told her. I'm mostly curious.

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Ive lost a total of 15 lbs. I dont know if my dr would be worried.. she refuses to see me for another 2 weeks. but that was what happened with my first too. from start to finish i gained a total of 12 lbs over my start weight... but gained 25 in the last 4 months after losing around 13 in the first few.

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I havent lost any, neither gained any so far!

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Im still right where I started. lol

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I've lost about 4, which I'm a big girl to start with so I'm fine with it! I just lost 60 pounds before getting pg, so I'd love to gain as little as needed! Wink

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