Hating this bathtub

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Hating this bathtub

AHHh I am not liking this tub that I got Isabella. I thought it would be a good idea cause she can use it from birth to toddler but it's way dangerous. I have to hold her the whole time I am washing her because if not she will slip down and go under the water. I know there has to be a better tub. Anyone else have any ideas? I'm looking at amazon. The tub I have is the Summer Infant Fold-Away Baby Bath and even in the picture on amazon the baby is falling down in the tub.

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That's frustrating! I wanna see pics of Isabella by the way! We have this tub: http://www.target.com/p/Fisher-Price-Whale-of-a-Tub-Infant-Bathtub/-/A-10875121?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=Google_PLA_df&LNM=%7C10875121&CPNG=baby&ci_sku=10875121&ci_gpa=pla&ci_kw= and because of the little ledge, it works pretty well for little babies, then you can take it out when they can sit on their own. There may be better ones, but this is the only one we've tried because it works for us when we use it! (Otherwise I take her in with me then hand her to the hubby when she's done). Good luck!

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I never used a baby bathtub. The sink always worked great for us.

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*lurker from jan*

That was the tub i had for my daughter 4 years ago, I really hated it too. I saved it, and tried it again for this LO, and I still really hate it. So I went out and bought this from Target http://www.target.com/p/The-First-Years-Sure-Comfort-Newborn-to-Toddler-Tub/-/A-623913?reco=Rec|pdp|623913|ClickCP|search_page.banner_1&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickCP|search_page.banner_1

I really love the this new tub, and I don't feel like he is going to slip out of my hands anymore.[h=2][/h]

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This is the one I had with DD2. It was okay, but I would much rather bathe her in the actualy bathtub.

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I bathe my tiny in the tub with me. (: I use a mesh sling attachment on our baby bath when we don't have time to take a bath together (: I Aldo would love yo see your bundle of cute!!!

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I always left the drain open and just kept a warm wash cloth laying on them to help keep them warm.

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I ended up finding a safety 1st hard tub at tjmaxx...aka one of my fav stores. It was only 12.99 and so far I'm really enjoying it. It had an infant swing which I haven't used. Isabella loves the warm water and bath time has not been an issue so far. I think she's part marmaid hehe.