Hello, I'm new here... due Feb 21!

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Hello, I'm new here... due Feb 21!

Hi ladies! I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself before jumping in!

I'm Sherry, age 35, from Canada. Due Feb 21 with our first little one; we don't know yet what we're having but hubby and I are both leaning towards finding out. We've been married 9 yrs; I was first pregnant in late 2007 but had a m/c at 7wks. Following a few years of on&off trying, I had surgery for endometriosis in early March, then gasped out loud at the sight of a BFP in June this year! I guess it's taken me a while to join here because even though I'm at 21 weeks this week, I'm still really nervous every day.

However, six days ago I felt Baby moving for the first time, and have been loving the feeling all week! Makes it feel so real Smile

When I was pg before I found these boards really welcoming and helpful so thought I'd come back. While I realize my due date could put me into the March group, I'm really hoping it will be Feb (although have mixed feelings about the possibility of the 29th! eek!)

We'll be having Baby in a hospital but will be using a doula; I'm really looking forward to the support for both hubby and me. Glad we've made the decision to use one.

Also - as you can tell by my photo, my only "baby" so far is one (admittedly, very spoiled) 8-year-old cat who, unfortunately, is not very fond of little kids. Any advice re helping kitty adjust to Baby (both before & after Baby is here!) is most welcome! thanks.

Thanks in advance for welcoming me and my little Lovebug Smile

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Hello Sherry, Congrats and WELCOME!!

We love our board sisters so its nice to have another one! Please feel free to jump in and include yourself, we are a pretty laid back group around here (:
I am very sorry for your loss in 2007. ): I know how hard that must have been for you and your DH. But I am glad you kept trying and that you got your BFP!

As for Kitty, we were told with our first to buy a baby doll that makes noise and while home in front of our animals pretend that baby is the real deal so they can learn not to jump, scratch ect. Also if you have a room just for your LO, try getting a high gate or a double gate for the room so baby has his/her space and kitty has theirs (: Before bringing babe home, wrap the doll you already bought in something that babe has worn, let your cat smell it ect...same with dogs if you by chance get one lol

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Welcome!!!! Its so fun to be part of this board- I hope you really enjoy it too Smile Congrats!!! When do you think you'll find out the gender if you do decide to? I'm sorry I don't have any advice about cats- we have dogs- but one thing I was told was while you're in the hospital, right after you have the baby but before you bring it home, to put a hat on the baby then bring that hat home (have hubby or someone else) so that the pet can smell the baby in advance. I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice on here!
Again, welcome and congrats Yahoo

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Welcome and congratulations!!!

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Congratulations and welcome to the board Smile

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Congrats and welcome Smile

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Yay! So glad to see another new Feb mama! Welcome aboard and congrats! Yahoo

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Thanks ladies! (sorry I took so long to come back!)

Good advice re getting kitty ready for Baby. I had heard about getting a doll and will plan to do that, also to bring some of Baby's clothes home -- but hadn't thought to put the clothes on the doll; good suggestion!

RonanTheBarbarian: Our ultrasound is Nov 9 so if we're going to find out (still leaning towards it) that will be the day, as long as Baby is cooperative! Our plan is to share the gender with our immediate family and a few close friends but leave it a surprise for everyone else. We'll see how successful we are at that! Will be hard I'm sure! Smile

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"Tabby_524" wrote:

Thanks ladies! (sorry I took so long to come back!)

Good advice re getting kitty ready for Baby. I had heard about getting a doll and will plan to do that, also to bring some of Baby's clothes home -- but hadn't thought to put the clothes on the doll; good suggestion!


Congrats on your pregnancy!

As for cats- I work at a vet clinic and just wanted to suggest a product to try. Feliway Diffuser. it is a pheromone that helps calm/relax.
Its like a glade plug in- only we can't smell it. It only covers so many square feet , but you might want to try one in the baby's room and maybe living room- whatever room the cat is in the most.

You will want to start it at least a month before baby arrives or sooner than that. Cats are the one animal that is mostly affected by stress... they will start peeing on clothes and destructive behavior.

You may not need to use it longterm but using it a month or two before and after baby arrives may help. We have a few clients using them and swear that it works.

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Welcome!! As you can see you and hubby will have alot of support here Smile I find it really relaxing to be able to come talk about what ever and feel a ease doing so.. I understand all too well about losses.. Sad

Again welcome!!


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Thanks Shankay for the great tip -- I will check with our vet if we can get that stuff here! I really am worried about how kitty will react (she is quite a moody girl and really likes her attention) so if this might help, I'll try it!

RoniBoo - thanks for the welcome, and sorry about your losses too. So glad things are working out with your little guy now!