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Hello there...

Hello baby gut and morning sickness!

Anyone else feel they are 'popping' already?! With Kay I started showing at 3 months along, and I heard you start showing sooner with each pregnancy! I am a curvy lady but I carry my weight in all the right places so you'd never guess what my actual weight is. [THANK GOD haha]

And I have yet to actually throw up [tmi sorry] but if I dont eat my morning Peach and half a bagel I feel sick. I eat once every two hours, not full meals all the time I have those 3 times a day. Eating every two hours has really helped me not feel so sick.

The smell of a TON of garlic [I live with a chef and my step dads side is italian lol] will turn my tummy so fast its insane. My favorite dish that my hubbys dad makes is garlic chicken and noodles, ugh I cant stand the smell anymore =/

On a side note and very off topic, we are telling my step-dad[my Daddy] and brothers and sisters today about little Sweet Pea (: So far my grandma, uncle, shanes dads gf, and my bio dad are the only ones to know! We made Kay a onsie that says "Im the BIG sister" so "she can tell people" (: