Help with OPK (pic)

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Help with OPK (pic)

I'm supposed to be using an OPK every day for SMEP but I've honestly been a slacker this month. Last month was such a disappointment that I'm trying not to do as much this month, so maybe my hopes won't get up that much... blah blah.

Anyways! I did an OPK on CD 10 and it was negative... and then again today at 1:00 PM on CD 16. Here is the pic from today

It's a $tree OPK if that makes any difference. So because it's a little lighter than the control line that means it's negative right? Should I test again today? Wait until tomorrow? DH and I DTD last night around 8, just for full disclosure.

Thanks in advance!!

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It looks ALMOST there...

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Well I tested at 7 PM and it was clearly negative, it just had the slightest tinge of pink. Soooooooo maybe I O'd last night?

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I would say you O'd last night based on it being negative today and the pink cm.. Good luck!!

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I agree with the other ladies and think yesterday was probably the tail end of your surge, so you likely O'd yesterday night, or maybe today. If I were you I would DTD today too just to cover all your bases. Good luck!

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I agree with the PPs! GL! Biggrin

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I think I'm abnormal but I get ups and downs all the time and this month, I've been testing only for 4 days so far but they are all that dark :(. I get dark lines too often it seems but my doctor didn't seem to care

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Thanks ladies! We DTD Tues/Weds night and opted to forgo tonight and try again tomorrow. I think I O'd too.. yesterday I had some EWCM. I took an OPK today and it was negative again.