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Hi, New Here

New on this board, but not to the site. I am a mom of 3. DS 4, DD 2, DS 6 months. I am not married, but planning to be sometime soon, lol. I am in a whirlwind that I am pregnant again so fast! Maybe sharing the news here will make it seem more real. It is kind of scary knowing that my baby now will only be 14 months old when I have the next. Oh, and btw, I am due 2/21/12.

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Welcome and congrats!!! My DS is 6 months old too! Mine will be 13 months apart- it was definitely a surprise for us as well- so I completely understand ya Smile
Have you been feeling okay? Finding any time to relax/ nap with 3 kids!?

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I also have a 6 month old. I notice your son's birthday in your signature. My 6 month-old is 2 days younger than yours.
You should come over to Dec '10 also Smile
My second and third child are 15 months apart. I love having kids so close in age.


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Welcome to the board. I almost wish my kids had been closer. Having a possessive 2 yr old around (thats MY mommy) I think is going to be really tough with a new baby. I hope to see you around lots.

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Welcome Welcome!!!.. (HUGS)

Congrats!!!! Wink

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Glad to have you! Sounds like you're going to be more busy than ever once your new lo arrives. Welcome!!

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Thanks for the welcome! I don't find much time for rest, but two of them take naps in the afternoon, so that helps. It is kind of nice having them close together, but they fight SO much. The older two like to help with the baby though, and have recently started playing with him, so that is neat to watch. It is cute when they bring him toys. That and DD likes to talk baby language to him, and he laughs like crazy.