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Anyone else have a baby that gets the hiccups a lot? My little guy or gal gets them daily and they are strong enough to make my belly move with each one! I love the feeling! Biggrin

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Every so often he does Smile It is so so cute and that is when DH get's to feel alot of moment Smile (cause sometimes he doesn't catch the BIG ones)

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Lukus gets them at least 3 times a day almost daily. I was actually watching him hiccup last night after DH lotioned my tummy. It was fun to see but I honestly wish he didn't get them SO frequently because it takes some of the fun out of them.

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Rowan gets the hiccups really bad. I love the feeling and Kay thinks its the funniest thing ever. She will put stuff on my tummy and watch him hiccup it off lol

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we get them a lot here too! all 3 of my boys have had them on a daily/many times a day. it's pretty funny to me!

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My little one has them at least twice a day Smile

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My little guy gets them several times a day, but they don't seem to affect his whole body. I normally just feel a small, rhythmic twitching down low where his head is. It is pretty strange.

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Love it!!!!