Holy crap you guys...

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Holy crap you guys...

January is already hopping with babies :eek:
I think I just panicked a little.

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I know! There are not going to be any January babies left come January! We are getting so close now! ahhhh!

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every time i peak over there my heart races a little...i just realized that it's possible to have a baby at 38 weeks spontaneously (LOL) that's only 5 weeks for me!!!! I always just assume that i'll go past my edd but then i look over that those impatient jan babes and realize that it's not a gurantee that i have 2 months left...EEK (2 months from today is my absolute eviction day 42 wks), we are so close!!!

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I'm not looking LOL

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Omgsh I know! I swear everytime I go lurking/stalking they have a new babe or someone is in labor! I think the December moms are almost done with their babe having as well. CRAZY! Im 34 weeks now and I was just thinking Im 3 weeks away from being 'term' O.O HOLY CRAP

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Unless I go past due I will probably be having a January baby. Though I will admit I'm starting to think I may end up being one of the only ones that does it seems. I can't believe that 4 true January moms have already had their baby's and it's only half way through December.