holy flutter batman!

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holy flutter batman!

This little guy or gal is obsessed with stretching, kicking, laying on, my poor bladder!
I have never pee'd so much! Even with Kay I didn't need to pit stop every 20 minutes lol
I also noticed how much fluttering I have. I was pretty sure it was my little monster but yesterday it was so obvious that it was baby. Especially when s/he would flip/kick my bladder Haha

Anyone else feeling their little bean!?

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Yay Ashley- that's awesome Yahoo Well, not about the peeing thing, but feeling the baby!
I've had some times where I was pretty sure I've felt the baby- but until I feel it nearly everyday I can't say for sure I guess! I ALWAYS second guess myself!

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Yay for flutters! I haven't felt anything yet, I cant wait! Biggrin

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Yay for flutters!!!!!!!! I haven't felt anything yet but can't wait until I do! I am sure it is right around the corner!

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how cool about feeling ur baby already! I've had a few flutters myself, but i'm never sure whether its gas, or baby Lol
& So not cool about the peeing part...im already waking up twice at night to pee & arrghhhh !!

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We went to a family picnic Sunday, it was an hour away, poor hubby had to make two pit stops for me lol Kaylee follows me to potty all the time since we are trying PT again and I think the trips are even too much for her Haha.

I hope all you ladies start feeling the flutters soon! I love the feeling (:

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Woo Hoo .. Congrats!! Such a awesome feeling Biggrin
I can feel my lil man every so often can’t wait until my DH can feel him Smile

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Oh I should have taken stock out in toilet paper. I think I buy a huge pack everytime I go out to the store lately. I never wanna run out. This morning at the hospital there was a line of pregnant nurses waiting for our toilet. There are 4 of us pregnant at the same time. One is 7 months along though. The rest of us are about the same in weeks.

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Yay for some flutters Hun. I can't wait to feel some movement. As for toilet stops Omg I go all the time too. In the middle of the night is a pain when I am half asleep walking to the toilet half asleep and all I want to do is sleep lol